Sylvia Nagl

Senior Lecturer

Based at UCL

Personal Website

Planetary Health and Water

Dr Sylvia Nagl has contributed pioneering research in computational systems biomedicine, notably in cancer research, and in large-scale complex systems simulation. She has been a Principal Investigator on large eHealth projects such as Cancergrid (2005-2008, Medical Research Council) and the Virtual Physiological Human (2008-2011, European Union).

Selected publications

The role of model integration in complex systems modelling
Nagl, S.C.B., Patel, M.
Springer Verlag (2010) ISBN:9783642156038
Cancer Bioinformatics: From Therapy Design to Treatment
Nagl, S.C.B.
John Wiley and Sons, Ltd (2006) ISBN:9780470863046
Computational Function Assignment for Potential Drug Targets: from Single Genes to Cellular Systems
Nagl, S.
 (2002) 3 (5):387-399